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Elysia Style - Ladies Workshop

Elysia BakerComment
Elysia Style - Ladies Workshop
Confidence is sexy

Here is your chance to learn from one of Australia's best for a special ladies Salsa/Cha weekend workshop in Melbourne!

Do you freak out with the idea of trying to being sexy?
Are you terrified of being let go on the social floor to shine?
Every Salsa dancer has been in your position, let's help fix that!

This two hour workshop will leave you with new techniques, ideas and a kick of confidence covering:

  • Ladies Styling (Arms, Hands, Torso, Legs, Hips, Booty, Hair!)
  • Footwork & Placement
  • Fun & Sexy shines to learn and practice at home

Saturday 15th September 2018
Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance
North Melbourne
(Studio 1)


Cost: $50

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